See What I Mean - a Visual Dictionary Project - SWIM

2020-09-01 - 2022-08-31


The SWIM project proposes creating a modern, collaborative online visual dictionary platform to make use of these possibilities and further explore them. This will be achieved through four Intellectual Outputs, which are interlinked and support each other.

SWIM aims to promote innovative, knowledge visualisation approach towards language teaching methods using bespoke Visual Dictionary Online Creator tool in order to improve efficiency of building key language competences to foster competitiveness of adult learners on a labour market.

It is important to extend the offer of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual people with low qualifications in the field of adult education. In today’s modern economy, fast evolving needs of language learners require a swift response from the educational sector, teachers can not only use existing educational resources, but also be able to create and share their own personalised dictionary materials for the benefit of learners.

The objectives of the project are to:
(1) To strengthen key competences of students and provide more effective opportunities to acquire and develop skills essential to remain competitive on the labour market

(2) Build the language skills of adults through engagement with bespoke learning resources to support the continuous language and professional development (3) To introduce new approaches and opportunities to support professional development for adult educators, trainers and mentors

These objectives will be achieved by
(1) Creating guidelines for education professionals for creating and taking advantage of visual dictionaries in their work to achieve better learning results,
(2) Producing and piloting a set of visual dictionary resources, to benchmark their benefits perceived by the learners,
(3) Creating a modern, user-friendly online environment "Visual Dictionary Online Creator" to support these teaching and learning methods and host the resources produced (4) Creating a recommendations document based on the findings acquired throughout the project.

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